The main activity of BUDAVAL is the production of self-adhesive paper and filmic materials, both in reels and sheets for the printing industry. Focusing on Central and Eastern Europe, we are striving to have a solid contribution to the competitiveness of the printing industry, through creative product development, qualitative products and high levels of service. We wish to offer an equal alternative to the region’s label producers, both in product quality and in special product and solution development. Our aim is that, through the help of our continuously renewable machinery and technology, the contribution of our highly qualified and committed workforce and constant monitoring of the qualitative requirements, our customers always receive high quality products and are content with our services. The quality management is the primary task and responsibility of our management team. Our management’s commitment to quality is even more intense through setting an example with their quality-conscious role in managing the activity of its quality department.
The management of BUDAVAL Zrt. expects and ensures that all its employees - in Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic - learn about the company's integrated management policy and the basic goals of the organization and contribute to their realization.
  1. Our corporate culture’s key element is the principle of „do it right the first time”, which is the means of quality production, cost reduction and efficiency.
  2. We consider that the validation of the qualitative aspects in product development, production preparation and manufacturing process are the key elements in our production process. We are constantly updating our applied methods and own rigorous standards according to international standard developments and are applying these to our customers’ needs.
  3. Every colleague of ours is aware that in their field of work they need to do everything so that through complying with the requirements set forth, the quality of the products manufactured constantly meet the customer’s expectations and needs.
  4. By monitoring and tracking the impact of our processes and products on the environment, we strive for continuous improvement of our environmental performance and to prevent pollution and protect the environment.
  5. Emerging quality issues are analyzed in order to repair them as quickly as possible and thus to avoid them in the future
  6. We are constantly in contact with our customers in order to learn their needs and requirements and to receive their feedback regarding our levels of service.
  7. We expect from our suppliers that their basic and auxiliary materials are in compliance with the high quality standards of our requirements and that through their cooperation they support our ideas for development, with the goal of supplying our customers with modern, even more competitive products.