About Us

Budaval Ltd. was founded as a Swiss-Hungarian joint venture in 1989. Our main business area is the production of self-adhesive paper and film materials for the printing industry. We can produce these materials both in rolls and in sheets of different sizes. The new venture received a workforce with decades of experience in the paper industry from the Hungarian owner. The Swiss owner provided Swiss-Belgian self-adhesive production technology, know-how and equipment of Swiss precision. In the end of 1995, Hungarian private investors bought Budaval Ltd. and the ownership structure remained unchanged since that time. Due to the growth of the company, its corporate form has changed to Ltd. with shares in 1999 thus the name of the company became Budaval Rt. Our goal is to keep up the competition and the competitiveness with modern product selection and technology developed through the experience of 30 years. As the most prominent producer of Middle East Europe we wish to be partners in the growth, creating value so that we contribute to the dynamic development of the region as well. We are proud of our expert workforce and consider it an achievement that our name became known in the region due to years of hard work. We are proud of our capability to follow the changes of the market and to improve continuously. Last but not least we are proud of our customers and their success, to whom hereby we would like to dedicate these pages.