Budaval Kft was founded as a Swiss-Hungarian joint venture in 1989. The new venture received a workforce with decades of experience in the paper industry from the Hungarian owner. The Swiss owner provided Swiss-Belgian self-adhesive production technology and know-how and equipment of Swiss precision. In the end of 1995, Hungarian private investors bought Budaval Kft and the ownership structure remained unchanged since that time. Due to the growth of the company, its corporate form has changed from Kft to Rt in 1999 thus the name of the company became Budaval Rt.

Our main business area is the production of self-adhesive paper and plasticfilm materials for the printing industry. We can produce these materials both in rolls and in sheets of different size. As the only Eastern-European producer of these materials, our goal is to help our customers, the printing industry in Hungary and the surrounding regions, to be competitive internationally through the quality of our products and services. Therefore, our major objective is to offer products that are comparable in quality to and fully exchangeable with those of our competitors.

We are proud of our expert workforce and consider it an achievement that our name became known in the region due to years of hard work. We are proud of our capability to follow the changes of the market and to improve continuously. Last but not least we are proud of our customers, and their success, to whom hereby we would like to dedicate these sites.





1989. November

  Budaval Kft. Is founded
1991. June   Budaval Kft., starts producing self-adhesive materials for the printing industry as the first, and to date only, producer of these materials in the region.
1995. December   Hungarian private investors buy 100% ownership share in Budaval Kft.
1996. November   Establishment of own utility-system that allows Budaval Ltd. to operate independently from its founder.
1997.   Budaval Kft. becomes well-respected member of the international self-adhesive market.
1999. July   Budaval Kft. changes its corporate form to Rt (closed corporation).
1999. September   Introduction of ISO 9002:1994 quality assurance system.
2000.   Introduction of Creatix® product family.
2002. January   Budaval Rt begins to use the Axapta ERP system.
2002. December   Full reconstruction of our coating machine, addition of automated drive and quality control system. Beginning of production with our new up to date slitting machine.
2003. September   Upgrading of our quality assurance system to ISO 9001:2000.
2004.   Foundation of S.C. Budaval RO srl, the Romanian subsidiary of Budaval Rt.
2006. March   A new, modern slitting machine being installed into the production.
2006. March   The start of the production of the renewed Creatix® product family with a new technology.
2007. Mai   New coating head becomes fully operational.
2008. June   New slitting machine becomes fully functional.
2008. September   Our Romanian slitting plant becomes operational in Cluj area.